Let’s Talk About The C- Word.

Let’s talk about the C-Word, no not contraceptives but Caesarean Section, C Section, CS, Caesarean, whatever you want to call it. When I came to terms with being pregnant, I decided that I was going to give birth naturally. I had read and heard bad stories about CS. They ranged from “you’ll never be able […]

no name for the man

No Name For The Man

There’s no name for the man who doesn’t come back (I got this line from Peaky Blinders, you should check it out. The British accent is to die for and the lead character has amazing eyes). The woman becomes a whore. “Why couldn’t you keep your legs closed,” “What were you thinking?” “How will you […]


The first time I heard Nerea by Sauti Sol, Amos & Josh, something tugged in my heart. I felt tears gather at the back of my eyes. It is a sweet, sappy song where the dude is asking the lady not to abort. “Nakuomba Nerea, usitoe mimba yangu.” This translates to “I’m begging you Nerea not […]

I'm Pregnant

S**t I’m Pregnant

The first thought that went through my mind when I was pregnant was, s**t I won’t graduate when I am 21. The next thought that went through my mind was s**t my Mum will kill me. She isn’t strict but you know there are those dreams and expectations that parents have for you. In addition […]