Imani’s Antics

Babies are complex human beings with their own personalities. I am learning this as Imani grows bigger and becomes more conscious of her actions. Imani is finally in baby class and it feels like it has been a long time coming. See her father and I joined baby class at two and a half years […]

Terrible Twos

Whoever coined the phrase terrible twos must have had Imani in mind when they did this. Imani turned two and a half mid this month and boy is she a tiny hurricane. I do not know how someone who’s two foot tall can cause so much trouble. Imani has perfected the art of screaming her lungs […]

New Year

Happy new year :-). Yes we are allowed to keep on wishing each other happy new year till Easter then we’ll change it to ‘Happy Easter’. I haven’t posted in a while, life happens. But Imz is growing up, she’s 22 months only and she can talk. She also recognizes people when she meets them […]

Open Letter to The Society

Dear society. How have you been? I see you’re still trying to push for me to accept the decisions you made and turn them into mine. But I won’t. No I won’t get married now that I find myself pregnant and no I will not get married after I have given birth to my baby. […]

Hi It’s Me The C-Word, Again

So I was wheeled out of the labour ward and I was taken to the theater. Once I got there, I had to be prepped for surgery, can’t really remember what they did all I remember is them taking my blood pressure. The anesthetic doctor was really good and he kept on cracking jokes. He […]