Truck Driver

He looks at his wife’s picture on his phone. He can’t remember the last time he spent enough time with her, something more than 48 hours. They got married young, first love, puppy love. He couldn’t help but smile, he still loved her. She’s looks radiant, the smile reaches her eyes and she’s looks more […]

Unrequited Love.

I came across my diary from 3 years ago and it had some pretty interesting articles in it. Based on the content I was in love with a certain chap. Or so I thought at that particular moment in time. I believe I was in lust. Thanks to the whole experience I was able to […]

Top 5 Fears As A Mum.

It has been a while since I put up a post. In between work, baby and rehearsals there’s just no time to update the blog. But I had really missed each and everyone of you who reads my blog. So here’s the latest update. Imani is growing up really fast. She’s finally mumbling words and […]