Open Letter to The Society

Dear society. How have you been? I see you’re still trying to push for me to accept the decisions you made and turn them into mine. But I won’t. No I won’t get married now that I find myself pregnant and no I will not get married after I have given birth to my baby. […]

Hi It’s Me The C-Word, Again

So I was wheeled out of the labour ward and I was taken to the theater. Once I got there, I had to be prepped for surgery, can’t really remember what they did all I remember is them taking my blood pressure. The anesthetic doctor was really good and he kept on cracking jokes. He […]

That Guilty Feeling.

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, guilt is the feelings of culpability especially for imagined offenses or from a sense of inadequacy : self-reproach.  I was recently involved in the production of a play Vera (huge shout out to everyone who came to watch the show), and this meant getting home past 8.00 pm when boo […]

The Current Situation.

These past few weeks have been so good for Imani and I. She’s discovering the world and it’s very interesting watching her discover it. Seeing my environment/world from her perspective is one of the upsides of having her around. It’s unbelievable that I also went through the same steps! Imani has discovered the she can […]

Imani’s First Steps.

We knew it was time for boo boo to start walking when she refused to stay in her walker and would pull herself out of it. She’d ‘walk’ till where her bed is then hoist herself out of the walker and onto the bed. She’d keep herself busy with whatever she fund on the bed, […]