Do I Want It Bad Enough?

The guest blogger is back :-). Right off the title. You can tell this was written by a millennial. We’re plagued with self doubt day in day out. No wonder pharma companies are churning out anti depressants like KSLs. So here goes… How I feel right now. Can anyone relate? I got home at 6pm […]

New Year

Happy new year :-). Yes we are allowed to keep on wishing each other happy new year till Easter then we’ll change it to ‘Happy Easter’. I haven’t posted in a while, life happens. But Imz is growing up, she’s 22 months only and she can talk. She also recognizes people when she meets them […]

Hi It’s Me The C-Word, Again

So I was wheeled out of the labour ward and I was taken to the theater. Once I got there, I had to be prepped for surgery, can’t really remember what they did all I remember is them taking my blood pressure. The anesthetic doctor was really good and he kept on cracking jokes. He […]

5 Habits I’ve Picked Up As A Mom.

1. Keeping short nails. Boo boo has scratched or pinched my face on more than one occasion with her tiny little nails and being scratched isn’t fun at all. So thanks to that I have known the importance of having short nails that won’t scratch boo boo or myself. It’s usually a fight when it […]

Trying to Kill Grandma.

Boo boo turned 18 months last week. I still don’t know at what point I’ll stop counting her age in months, maybe when she’s five and we’re done going to the MCH clinic for her monthly checkup. Plus it’s so much fun watching people calculate how old she is once I mention her age in […]