5 Habits I’ve Picked Up As A Mom.

1. Keeping short nails. Boo boo has scratched or pinched my face on more than one occasion with her tiny little nails and being scratched isn’t fun at all. So thanks to that I have known the importance of having short nails that won’t scratch boo boo or myself. It’s usually a fight when it […]

How babies communicate.

I was talking to a friend of mine and we were trying to figure out why a baby’s cry will prompt you or make you want to drop everything and tend to them. Their wails will make it seem like the world is about to end. And this is where I apologise to all the […]

Of Calling Me Dah Dee.

Boo boo spent the past week at her grandmother’s (my Mum’s place). It’s the second time she’s been away from me and she was very okay. The first word Imani said to me when we met at the stage was, “Dah-dee!!!!” She was so excited, so was I but Dah- Dee wasn’t my name :-D. And […]

We’re Growing Up.

Boo boo is now a big girl. She can feed herself and she usually tries to feed us as well in the process. So here’s what she’ll do, she’ll pick up food and pour it on the table, especially rice which is currently her favorite meal, she’ll then proceed to pick it up and put […]

Top 5 Fears As A Mum.

It has been a while since I put up a post. In between work, baby and rehearsals there’s just no time to update the blog. But I had really missed each and everyone of you who reads my blog. So here’s the latest update. Imani is growing up really fast. She’s finally mumbling words and […]