We’re Growing Up.

Boo boo is now a big girl. She can feed herself and she usually tries to feed us as well in the process. So here’s what she’ll do, she’ll pick up food and pour it on the table, especially rice which is currently her favorite meal, she’ll then proceed to pick it up and put […]

Top 5 Fears As A Mum.

It has been a while since I put up a post. In between work, baby and rehearsals there’s just no time to update the blog. But I had really missed each and everyone of you who reads my blog. So here’s the latest update. Imani is growing up really fast. She’s finally mumbling words and […]

Boo Boo Turns One.

I can’t believe it’s been 365 days since boo boo was born. It feels like it was just the other day when I was in hospital cursing Eve for having eaten the fruit in the garden of Eden. Were it not for her labour would have such an easy thing. I still don’t get how […]

Lessons As a New Mum…

I told my friend that I’d write about my journey as a Mum, it has taken me over a month to finally get the courage to submit the first article, so here goes… I gave birth to the prettiest and most awesome little girl (well every Mom thinks that their kid is the best in […]