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Sondeka Awards 2018
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Sondeka Awards 2018

The Sondeka Awards Ceremony, a brainchild of Creatives Garage, is taking place on March 28th, 2018 at the Loius Leakey Auditorium. The Awards are Creatives Garage way of giving back to the creative community that they have spent more than 4 years advocating for and supporting.

The Sondeka Awards is an avenue for Creatives Garage to appreciate and support the growth of the underdog creative and recognize these highly talented members of the creative community.

This year’s theme is African Heritage and the shortlisted creatives are doing an excellent job of showcasing the Kenyan and African Heritage. I am glad that a couple of my faves were shortlisted, Omenerds podcast, Ayrosh, Maia Von Lekow and Mark Maish. Make sure to vote for them.

Voting closes on March 24th, 2018. To vote for your favourite creatives, visit this link.

Sondeka Awards 2018

Here are the categories and nominees:

1. Traditional Art 

Winter Oirya –

David Maina –

Oscar Osumo –

2. Poets and Spoken Word

Nicole Akinyi –

Michael Onsando –

Mumbi Macharia –

Wanjiru Thiong’o –

Tessy Aura –

Story za Kapedo –

3. Digital Art 

Feysal Anthony Nair –

Anne Gichuki –

Zacharia Adell –

4. Alternative/Experimental music

Abakisimba Troupe –

Ayrosh –

G-cho Pevu –

L.O.T Group –

Linda Girl Group –

5. Short Stories

Mark Maish –

Mishi Khalid –

James Gicheru –

Paukwa –

Lolyne Ongeri –

6. Dance

Bboy Harry –

The Dancing Biochemist –

Oneal Otutu –

Maia von Lekow –

Tetu Shani –

Grandmaster Masese –

8. Online radio and podcasts

Omenerds Podcast –

The Music Junkies –

123sketches –

Keep it here and I will share the list of the winners. Al, o follow me on Twitter @sonnienjoki, I will share live updates of the awards ceremony. 2018 is the year that creatives finally get their fair share of dues. #

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