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Becoming A PTA Mom

I joined Imani’s PTA (Parents’ Teachers Association) the other day, the inaugural team since the school is one year old. The decision to join was influenced by my mother who was a member of my primary’s school PTA for 8 years. Talk of being ninja. I remember seeing mom show up in school in the […]

Passport Application Drama

Before I became a mom I used to wonder how in heaven’s name toddlers would just run around screaming and causing trouble left right and center. I still don’t have an answer but Imani decided to do just that a few weeks ago. Imani had accompanied her father and grandmother to Department of Immigration to […]

A Priest Can Molest and a Prostitute Can Preach

The guest blogger has decided to bless us with another article. In the famous words of Dj Khaled Another One.   Do you find that at times your brain can’t handle two conflicting ideas?  One cannot be both, one has to be a rapist or a normal person. One has to be a thief or […]