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10 Lessons I’ve Learnt As A Working Mom.

  1. People will always ask how you’re able to leave your baby every morning. Some will try to send you on a guilt trip about it. Like b**ch how do you expect me to feed my baby if I don’t go to work??!? You sure as hell won’t pay my bills if I quit […]

Stolen Moments.

“I’ll never be in a relationship with someone who’s already in one” had been my mantra all my life. All this changed when I met you. I feel like you consume every bit of me. This thing called love or whatever it is. We both know you’re bored but you’ll not leave her. You claim […]


My Crush

I don’t know when exactly I developed a crush on him. But I remember seeing him one day minding his own business, and I was imagining the things I would do to him and the things I’d want him to do to me. It was more than sexual attraction. More than wanting to engage in […]

The Current Situation.

These past few weeks have been so good for Imani and I. She’s discovering the world and it’s very interesting watching her discover it. Seeing my environment/world from her perspective is one of the upsides of having her around. It’s unbelievable that I also went through the same steps! Imani has discovered the she can […]


The first time I heard Nerea by Sauti Sol, Amos & Josh, something tugged in my heart. I felt tears gather at the back of my eyes. It is a sweet, sappy song where the dude is asking the lady not to abort. “Nakuomba Nerea, usitoe mimba yangu.” This translates to “I’m begging you Nerea not […]