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Like A Girl


Growing up, we always were told, sit like a girl, sweep like a girl, eat like a girl. Play with this toy, it’s for girls. Don’t climb trees you’re a girl not a boy. Now I am one of those kids who were allowed to run around and do almost everything. So I would spend my days, climbing trees, going on the roof to fix aerial, playing kati or blada. I’d also try to play football but would fail miserably, two feet that have no sense of direction, (I guess this is why, I’ve failed miserably at playing FIFA). We could stay out into the night playing with my best friend Zena. The only condition that existed was, “make sure I know where you are.” And since I had only one friend, my mum always knew where I would be.

Imani is an energetic little kid, she still wakes up at 6.00 am and sleeps anytime between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm. She recently began sleeping during the day on her own, by recently I mean twice in 10 days. Progress all the same.

So how is it to raise a girl?

Imani loves to ride her bike, She can finally do the full cycle, whoop whoop. This is after a thousand attempts of me trying to demonstrate it to her. She imitated some kids from the court

She loves to kick the ball. After her bicycle, balls are her favourite toys. She loves throwing them and attempting to kick them. It is usually so much fun watching her try her best to throw or kick the ball. Her throw is now much better. She loves hearing the sound of the plastic ball hit the floor and will keep on doing it over and over till she gets bored. She will then recruit you to help her out. I have been trying to teach her how to play rugby.

She loves her Mickey Mouse. She finally knows how to say out loud both words when she references Mickey Mouse. I’m now waiting for her to pronounce it correctly. She also likes to carry it on her back and will often bring you a leso for you to tie Mickey on her back.

She loves climbing on tables and jumping and dancing while on top of them. She will then get to the edge of the table and ‘fly’ towards you. She only gives you a few seconds to adjust to the situation. My reflexes have become much better thanks to her.

She loves the trampoline. The daycare she goes to has a trampoline (lucky kid), so most of the time when you go to pick her up, you’ll find her jumping up and down. She now jumps on every bed and seat she’s on. We have the next Simone Biles in our hands.

She knows how to ‘drive’. She is fascinated by cars whether actual or toy. She will spend hours on end playing with the neighbours toy car. The vehicle is those huge ones that would leave a hole in my pocket, if I decided to buy it for her. She will leave the house at like 8.00 am and ride her bike to where the vehicle has been parked. She will then torment the vehicle’s owner by playing with it while they watch from inside the house. She will spend hours on end pretend driving the vehicle (one of the wheels is missing).

She loves her dresses and pants in equal measure and will decide what to wear depending on her moods.It’s still a struggle trying to get her to dress up after showering. I have mad respect for all mommy bloggers out there, Imani hates putting onn clothes so we still have to lie to her that we’re going to the shop or smarket (supermarket). She will dress up so fast, she’ll even bring you your shoes.

She loves to scale the door grill and window sills. She will then attempt to climb as high as she can. Imani is a little monkey. The key is ignore her and let her scale up and down the surface till she gets tired. I should really consider taking her for the indoor rock climbing.

I am trying to let her explore her world, satisfy her curiosity. There is no game or toy for boys that she can’t play with. As long as I can afford it, she’ll either own the toy or enjoy the experience. The goal is to raise her really well without putting any labels and limiting her experience as a kid.

Pronunciation of the week

Mickey Mouse: Michi Moush


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  1. Hello, you used to write great, but the last several posts have been kinda boring… I miss your great writings. Past several posts are just a bit out of track! come on!

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