Becoming A PTA Mom

I joined Imani’s PTA (Parents’ Teachers Association) the other day, the inaugural team since the school is one year old. The decision to join was influenced by my mother who was a member of my primary’s school PTA for 8 years. Talk of being ninja. I remember seeing mom show up in school in the […]

Imani’s Antics

Babies are complex human beings with their own personalities. I am learning this as Imani grows bigger and becomes more conscious of her actions. Imani is finally in baby class and it feels like it has been a long time coming. See her father and I joined baby class at two and a half years […]

Techie Baby

Most of us grew in the era where computers were beginning to be a common fixture in our lives, whether at home or at school or in office. We are referred to as the millennials, albeit at times with a bit of contempt. For real though, I don’t get why people don’t like millennials, it […]

Like A Girl

Growing up, we always were told, sit like a girl, sweep like a girl, eat like a girl. Play with this toy, it’s for girls. Don’t climb trees you’re a girl not a boy. Now I am one of those kids who were allowed to run around and do almost everything. So I would spend […]

Terrible Twos

Whoever coined the phrase terrible twos must have had Imani in mind when they did this. Imani turned two and a half mid this month and boy is she a tiny hurricane. I do not know how someone who’s two foot tall can cause so much trouble. Imani has perfected the art of screaming her lungs […]